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Synonyms asked in SSC CGL Exams PDF

Word Meaning Hindi meaning Previously Asked In AFFLUENT Having a great deal of money धनी SSC CGL ADMONITION A firm warning चेतावनी SSC CGL ABSOLVE Dissolve someone from guilt दोषमुक्त… Read more »

Cabinet Ministers of India 2017 PDF

Download PDF : Cabinet Ministers of India 2017 Prime Minister : Shri Narendra Modi Department of Atomic Energy Department of Space Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions All important policy… Read more »

Uttarakhand GK Questions PDF in Hindi

1.स्कन्द पुराण में गढ़वाल के ललए प्रयुक्त नाम क्या है– केदारखण्ड 2.  अशोक कालीन शिलालेख राज्य के किस स्थान से मिलता है – कालसी 3.  कुमाऊँ में गोरखा शासन कब स्थापित हुआ… Read more »