Ayodhya Mahotsav


In which country, ‘Ayodhya Mahotsav’ would be held at?
1. North Korea
2. South Korea
3. Chile
4. Australia
5. Russia

Answer – 2. South Korea

‘Ayodhya Mahotsav’, depicting the cultural heritage of the temple town, would be held in Seoul and Gimhe cities of South Korea in 2018.

In return, a ‘Korea Festival’ will be held in Lucknow and Ayodhya. An in-principle decision in this regard was made during the meeting of the Uttar Pradesh government and a delegation from South Korea led by Mayor of Gimhe city, Kim Wonman.

People in South Korea believe that 2,000 years ago, an Ayodhya princess had married a Korean king Kim Suro. At present, their descendants are members of the “Crock Clan” and had built a memorial in Ayodhya.


  • ayodha mahatsav held in 2018


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