Important Cricket Quiz with Answers


1.Who is best Opening batsman of Team India Ever?
(1) Sachin Tendulkar
(2) Gautam Gambhir
(3) Virendra Sehwag
(4) Saurav Gaungly
(5) Rohít Sharma

2.pillers of indian cricket??

3.which is ur fav. opener?????
1. Sehwag & Gambhir
2. Sachin & Sehwag
3. Gaungly & Sachin
4. Dhawan & Rohit

4.Who is best captain of India ?
A. Saurav Gaungly
B. MS Dhoni
C. Rahul Dravid
D. Sachin Tendulkar
E. Mohammad Azhruddin

5.If u get a chance to meet any cricket,who will u meet?
1.sachin tendulkar
2.Virat kohli
3.Brett lee
4.M.S Dhoni
5.kapil dev
6.Sourav Gaungly
7.Ricky ponting
8.Any other.

6.Who awarded with Lifetime Achievement Award by Asian Cricket Awards in London ?
A.Mihir Bose
B.Sachin Tendulkar
C.Rahul Dravid
D.Sourav Gaungly

7.Who is your fav ODIs jodi ?
1. Kohli-Raina
2. Yuvi-Dhoni
3. Sachin-Gaungly
4. Viru-Gauti
5. Dhoni-Kohli

8.Who was conferred CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement award in the BCCI’s seventh ceremony on January 7, 2014?
A) Kapil Dev
B) Sunil Gavaskar
C) Rahul Dravid
D) Sourav Gaungly
E) Sachin Tendulkar

9. ” Playing is my way” kis khiladi ki autobiography hai ?

a. Rahul dravid b. Sachin tendulkar c. Sourav gaungly d. Virat kohli

10. The world’s top cricketers were auctioned off for the DLF Indian Premier League in Mumbai on February 20, 2008. Which cricketer attracted the highest price ?
(A) Sachin Tendulkar (India)
(B) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India)
(C) Andrew Symonds (Australia)
(D) Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
Answer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India)

11.Which Indian Cricketer recently announces retirement after his 200th Test match?
1. Rahul Dravid
2. S Gaungly
3.Sachin Tendulkar
4. V. Shewag

12. Who won the Deodhar Trophy Cricket played in Mumbai on March 9, 2010 ?
(A) North Zone
(B) West Zone
(C) East Zone
(D) South Zone
Answer: North Zone

13. Who holds the record for the highest number of runs in Test Cricket ?
(A) Sunil Gavaskar
(B) Geoffrey Boycott
(C) Sachin Tendulkar
(D) Gary Sobers
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

14. Which country will host 2015–Cricket World Cup ?
(A) India
(B) Australia
(C) New Zealand
(D) Both (B) and (C)
Answer: Both (B) and (C)

15. The cricketer who became the brand Ambassador of ‘Indigo Nation’ is—
(A) Sachin Tendulkar
(B) Sourav Ganguly
(C) Anil Kumble
(D) Ajay Ratra
Answer: Anil Kumble

16. The highest wicket taker in test matches is now—
(A) Shane Warne
(B) Muthia Murlitharan
(C) Kapil Dev
(D) Dennis Lillee
Answer: Muthia Murlitharan

17. Which country has won the ICC Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket played in May 2010 ?
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) England
(C) India
(D) Australia
Answer: England

18. Standard cricket bats are made of—
(A) Pine wood
(B) Rose wood
(C) Teak wood
(D) Willow wood
Answer: Willow wood

19. The most popular game in the United States of America is—
(A) Baseball
(B) Cricket
(C) Hockey
(D) Lawn Tennis
Answer: Cricket

20. Who is the first cricket player from Kerala to make a test debut ?
(A) T. Krishnan
(B) T. S. Shekar
(C) T. Yohannan
(D) R. Somasunder
Answer: T. Yohannan

21. Who is the latest Indian to have joined the ranks of those who have achieved the distinction of having scored a century on their debut in a test match ?
(A) Azaharuddin
(B) Gavaskar
(C) Sehwag
(D) Tendulkar
Answer: Sehwag

22. The winner of Devdhar Trophy in Cricket played in March 2010 was—
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Maharashtra
(C) North Zone
(D) Punjab
Answer: North Zone

23. The winner of the Ranji Trophy Cricket played in January 2010 was—
(A) Punjab
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Mumbai
(D) West Bengal
Answer: Mumbai

24. Who won the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament 2010 ?
(A) Bangladesh
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) India
(D) Pakistan
Answer: India

My top ten cricketers
1 Sachin (God of cricketer)
2 Saurav gaungly ( god on the off side )
3 Rahul Dravid ( the wall )
4 Rohit sharma ( talented )
5 AB De villiers ( the walking man on the pitch )
6 Sr. Donald bradman ( the man with highest average )
7 Shane Warne ( the real leg spinner )
8 Mathew Hadden ( the different willow user )
9 Brett lee ( pace with accuracy )
10 Virat Kohli ( the new search of indian cricket )


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