Federations of Automobile Dealers Associations President


Oman announced that, it has revised the tourist visa for people from India, China and Russia in order to attract more tourists from these countries. What is the specified period of stay after the revision of visa?
1. 25 days
2. 15 days
3. 1 month
4. 2 months
5. 10 days

Answer – 3. 1 month

The visa will be granted for a period of one month for a fee of 20 Rial. The spouse and children of the visa holder would also be allowed to enter Oman. However, the applicants, must also have a return ticket and confirmed hotel reservation in order to be granted the visa.

Who is the present FADA (Federations of Automobile Dealers Associations ) President?
1. Mukesh Jain
2. Vinay Sanghi
3. K V S Prakash Rao
4. John K Paul
5. Hony
Answer & Explanation
Answer – 4. John K Paul
John K Paul was unanimously re-elected as the President of the Federations of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) for 2017-18, in New Delhi.


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