first state in India to go cashless from December 31


Wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow made the record of most test dismissals in a calendar year. He belongs to which team?

a. Australia
b. England
c. Netherland

Ans: b. England

Which state will become the first state in India to go cashless from December 31?

a) Assam
b) Goa
c) Bihar
d) Maharashtra
e) Rajasthan

Goa is likely to become the first state in India to go cashless from December 31. People will be able to buy perishables items or anything else at the press of a button on their mobile. One has to dial *99# from their mobile phone, not necessarily a smart phone, and follow the instructions to complete the transcation. This system is being introduced to transfer money to small vendors.

Anand Yadav who passed away on November 27 was a ______ language author.

a) Dogri
b) Hindi
c) Kannada
d) Marathi
e) Sanskrit

Anand Yadav was a noted marathi language author. His autobiography ‘Zombi’ won him Sahitya Akadmi award in 1991. Mr Yadav faced a major controversy over his book ‘Santsurya Tukaram’, wrote on Sant Tukaram, a 17th century saint poet from Maharashtra. He has penned around 40 books which comprise collection of essays, poems, criticism among others.

Which bank will be the pin issuer for CentrumPay?

a) Axis
c) KVB
d) SC
e) Yes

Centrum Direct has launched a unique mobile wallet that also offers a physical card under the label of CentrumPay. The CentrumPay will be launched next week on the MasterCard platform with Yes Bank being the PIN issuer. CentrumPay can be used both as a virtual mobile wallet for any type of payment. User can also to withdraw cash at any bank ATMs as per the permissible limits now.


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