For all the future Banking Aspirants


1) Always keep your goal in mind.Make your own strategy don’t follow anyone else.

2) Start with short term goals and gradually move towards bigger objective .

3) Study at least 4-5 hours daily and give at least a mock daily after 1 month of your preparation.

4) Don’t panic in the exam but also don’t get too relaxed.Be on your Toes.Try to Attempt each question.You may not know which question will be easy for you.

5) Don’t attempt keeping in mind the cutoff for the last year.

6) For Current affairs start prep from one month previous to PRE exams.make your own notes.These are very helpful for revision.

7) Maintain an error log for all your mocks.How you attempted the questions and what your mistakes were.Try not to repeat them in future mocks.

Finally never be disheartened by your results. Make them a motivation to work harder and achieve success. Keep away from negative thoughts and useless discussions and focus on your studies and you will find everything falling in place to your advantage


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