Public Trusts are registered with


Which bank is the largest private sector bank in India in form of asset size ?
a.ICICI Bank
b.HDFC Bank
c.Axis Bank
d.IDBI Bank

Answer : ICICI Bank

The banker customer relationship in case of cash credit account with credit balance is that of ?
a.Creditor – Debtor
b.Principal – Agent
c.Beneficiary – Trustee
d.Debtor – Creditor

Answer : Debtor – Creditor

An income tax attachment order does not attach ?
a.Time deposits
b.Demand deposits
c.Any money held by the bank other than as deposit
d.Proportionate amount in the joint account

Answer ;none of the above

Public Trusts are registered with :

a.Registrar of companies
b.Registrar of societies
c.Registrar of Firms
d.Charity Commissioner

ans: Charity Commissioner