Reasoning Ability Questions for SBI PO Mains 2017

1.Shivam is the son of Madan’s father’s sister. Romil is the son of Shikha who is the mother of Sonu and grandmother of Madan. Pawan is the father of Kalika and maternal grandfather of Shivam. How is Sonu’s brother related to Kalika?

(a) Niece
(b) Sister-in-law
(c) Sister
(d) Mother
(e) Brother

Sol. Ans.(e) Brother

Q2. Shubham, Sonam, Ishant, Neha, and Nimisha work in the same company. Nimisha joined company before Ishant but after Sonam. Shubham started working in the company before Sonam but after Neha. Who is the senior-most among them?
(a) Shubham
(b) Neha
(c) Nimisha
(d) Sonam
(e) None of these

S2. Ans.(b)
Sol.Neha is senior most among all the of the employee.

Neha > Shubham > Sonam > Nimisha > Ishant

Q3. Jay is taller than Vinod who is shorter than pramod. Usha is taller than Priyanka but shorter than Vinod. Pramod is shorter than Jay. Who is the tallest?
(a) Priyanka
(b) Vinod
(c) Pramod
(d) Jay
(e) None of these

S3. Ans.(d)

Sol.Jay > Pramod > Vinod > Usha > Priyanka


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