Vande Mataram College


Dyal Singh Evening college is renamed as _________ ?
1. Mahatma Gandhi College
2. Vande Mataram College
3. Indira Gandhi College
4. Jawaharlal Nehru College
5. Hindustan College

Answer – 2. Vande Mataram College

The governing body of Dyal Singh Evening college renamed the institution as Vande Mataram College and on Saturday passed a resolution to make it a regular shift college.

The move came amid opposition by a section of teachers and students over turning the college into day shift.

Earlier this year, the college had decided to turn Dyal Singh Evening into a regular shift college.

Some of the teachers and students had been dissatisfied with the proposal that the new regular shift college would continue to function in the same campus, thereby cutting into resources and creating infrastructural constraints.


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