Why is RBI assistant preferred over SBI PO?


SBI is a good option because

  • Career growth is much faster at SBI when compared to RBI
  • Your will be doing proper commercial bankinv in SBI. In RBI you will be doing a very different job altogether.
  • Skills leart at SBI can fetch you fat paychecks if you relocate to private banks. Experience in SBI is a gold mine. RBI experience is not worth much.
  • SBI rewards you gor competence. If you manage to get NPAs down or get credit levels up or improve growth of the branch, you will get noticed and you will get cream level postings. Not so with RBI. Very little to prove there.
  • RBI is a very docile and boring job for most part. Work is very limited. For someone who enjoys a challenge, there is little there.
  • SBI has more variety. Loans, credit, sharemarkets, NPA etc. RBI is limited in this regard.

Choose PO:

If you are looking for a good job profile, with awesome exposure and responsibilities as well as good salary.

Choose RBI Assistant:

a. If you are looking for a chill life style, shorter working hours.

b. If you plan to appear for other higher grade RBI exams in near future and you need time to prepare for these.

The best part:  RBI Grade B Officer is one of the premium jobs one can get with Govt of India. 2 out of 4 Deputy Governor start their careers as RBI Grade B Officer. That means, RBI rewards your long term loyalty.

The tough part: The exam for RBI grade B is pretty competitive. It will be a cake-walk if you’re preparing for civil services exam or if you have economics background.